Aleppo ceasefire collapses as Syrian fighter jets resume lethal raids


A ceasefire deal between rebels and the Syrian government in the city of Aleppo effectively collapsed on Wednesday, with fighter jets resuming deadly air raids over the opposition’s densely crowded enclave in the east of the city.

Turkey backs the rebels fighting to topple Assad. Osama Abo Zaid, the adviser, said Iran was imposing new conditions for the truce, demanding the remains of Iranians killed in Aleppo be returned and that Iranian hostages held in rebel-controlled Idlib province be released.

Mohammed Abu Jaafar, head of forensics in eastern Aleppo, said eastern Aleppo residents felt “Duped.” “People have left their shelters …. to be ready for the evacuation. I can’t describe it,” Abu Jaafar said.

The TV said the buses are prepared to move 5,000 fighters and their families to Atareb, an opposition-held town in the northwestern Aleppo countryside.

Brita Haj Hassan, a Syrian opposition official living in exile, said from Luxemburg that there were 800 sick and wounded people requiring immediate medical evacuation from eastern Aleppo.

The dramatic developments surrounding Aleppo – which would restore the remainder of what was once Syria’s largest city to Assad’s forces after months of heavy fighting and a crippling siege – followed reports of mass killings by government forces closing in on the final few blocks still held by the rebels.

U. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the emergency meeting late Tuesday that he had received “Credible reports” of civilians killed by pro-government forces as they swept into the last rebel areas in Aleppo.

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