Iraq: One other ISIL Monetary Chief Flees Mosul with Hundreds of thousands in Money


TEHRANA local source in Nineveh province disclosed that ISIL’s financial chief has escaped the city of Mosul with millions of dollars to become the second commander in charge of the terrorist group’s financial affairs who disappears with huge sums of cash in just one month.

Abu Hafas al-Halabi, a senior official in charge with ISIL’s court of audit, and his three Iraqi aides have left Mosul for an unknown destination,” al-Sumeriyeh news network quoted the local source as saying.

Al-Halabi has close ties with ISIL’s leaders and is one of the most important group’s members with a large volume of information about the group. He isseen as a key to the financial secrets of the ISIL,” network added.

Another top ISIL member in charge of the terror group’s financial resources in Mosul reportedly stole a sizable amount of money and fled along with a numberof militants in early August.

Kurdistan Democratic Party official from Mosul said in a statement thatISIL’sWali of Baitul-Malin Mosul along with three other militants fled the state to anunknown location after they took out a large amount of money and othervaluable archaeological pieces from the group’s treasury known as Baitul-Mal, BasNews reported on August 3.

The ISIL later executed six guards of its treasury building on charge offacilitating the robbery, the statement added The revelations came as ISIL’sCoin masterwas killed after a roadside bomb detonated in the Northern Iraqicity of Mosul in June, 2015.

Afari himself had replaced another ISIL finance minister in Mosul who had been captured by Iraqi security forces in January 2014.

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