Islamic State rocket launchers on roofs,killing civilians in row


Islamic State fighters are killing civilians who refuse to let them put rocket launchers on the roofs of their houses in Mosul, the UN says.

She said: “On November 11, ISIL reportedly shot and killed 12 civilians in Bakir neighbourhood of eastern Mosul city for allegedly refusing to let it install rocket son the rooftops of their houses.” An Iraqi soldier fires an RPG during clashes with Islamic State fighters in Al Qasar, southeast of Mosul.

041109- Marines with 1st Battalion 8th Marines look for insurgents running through the streets of Fallujah during Operation Al Fajr. Operation Al Fajr is an offensive operation to eradicate enemy forces within the city of Fallujah in support of continuing security and stabilization operations in the Al Anbar province of Iraq by units of the 1st Marine Division. Official Marine Corps photo by: LCpl J.A. Chaverri

Brigadier General Haider Fadhil of Iraq’s special forces said on Monday that his men have now taken 60% of Mosul’s Zohour neighbourhood.

Iraqi commanders say IS resistance in Mosul has been fiercer than any thing they have seen previously in the fight against the militants.

Previously, US-led coalition airstrikes were often called in to deal with the bombs, but in Mosul’s residential areas, the vehicles often appear with little warning and the close proximity of civilians prevents the use of airstrikes.

Iraqi soldiers take cover during an operation against Islamic State militants in the frontline neighbourhood of Intisar, eastern Mosul November 27, 2016. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem - RTSTIFI

What is thought to be up to a million civilians still living in the Mosul have been told to stay at home.

Iraqi prime minister Haider al Abadi said on Tuesday IS fighters lack the courage to put up long-term resistance in Mosul.

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