No Holds Barred: Ignoring Aleppo, Obama and Energy target Israel

Just imagine, there is a genocide going on for years in the Middle East in general and Syria in particular.

The genocide reaches fever pitch in December, 2016, just as the Obama Administration, which hasn’t lifted a finger to protect 500,000 Arabs from being slaughtered, is winding down.

After keeping Russia contained in the region for more than 40 years, Obama’s inaction woke the sleeping bear and Vladimir Putin’s forces are now bombing civilian areas and doing everything possible to maintain their own foothold in the region.

On the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, she could not bring herself to speak the truth, even after promising to do so during the presidential campaign.

Her silence about Syria’s genocide emboldened Assad, her tolerance of Iranian threats of genocide against the Jews encouraged Tehran, and her willingness to go along with Turkey’s rewriting of history has reassured the Turks that America will do nothing to stop the potential genocide directed at the Kurds.

Samantha could have followed the demands she made of members of earlier administrations that were bystanders to genocide and resigned from this morally bankrupt administration long ago and perhaps escaped with some semblance of her reputation intact.

Her conduct has disqualified her from any such discussion, unless it is to explain how someone can be a bystander to genocide.

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