Over 2,000 Saudis Fighting alongside Different Terrorists Abroad, Together with in Syria

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cheap zoloft TEHRANSaudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry acknowledged that more than 2,000 of its citizens have traveled to other countries, including Syria, to join militant groups.

Syria has blamed Saudi Arabia, along with certain other countries in the Middle East, for the devastating spread of militancy across the country, saying if it wasnot for the support of governments like the one in Riyadh, the militants couldnever capture large areas of land in the war-hit country.

Most of the militant and terrorist groups, including ISIL and those linked to al-Qaeda, have enjoyed support from Saudi Arabia, reports say.

Even groups supported by the West have received funding and weaponry fromSaudi Arabia and its allies.

The Saudi official also said that 147 Saudi nationals had joined militant groupsin Yemen.

The impoverished country, which lies to the South of Saudi Arabia, is the baseof Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Turki said 31 Saudis were also believed to have joined militants in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan while only five have traveled to neighboring Iraq to join ISIL..

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