Russia’s Goal in Aleppo Was ‘Stopping Casualties Amongst Civili

The operation to retake the city and to evacuate people was completed with participation and influence of Russian military personnel.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, some 100,000 people wereevacuated from Aleppo and the situation was resolved without major combatactivities.

At the same time, many Western politicians and mainstream media haveclaimed that the Russian and Syrian military allegedly killed civilians andbombed schools and hospitals in Aleppo.

According to French historian and journalist Laurent Henninger, actions by  Russian military personnel in Syria were aimed to save as many lives as possible.

The liberation of a city is always difficult and leads to casualties. As for me, Ibelieve that the Russian military wanted to prevent casualties among civilians in Aleppo. The operation was inevitable. As for those accusing Russia of war crimes in Aleppo, I’d say: let’s wait and see what the Americans will do in Mosul. We already saw what United States warplanes did in Iraq, for example,” Henninger told Sputnik France.

French general Pierre-Dominique d’Ornano underscored a military operation toliberate a city always takes a lot of human and military resources and it isimpossible to prevent casualties on the ground.

According to political analyst and author Alexander der Valle, nearly 500 civilians were killed in the Aleppo operation.

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