Syria conflict: Damascus military airport hitted by israel missiles


Syrian government forces and their Russian and Shia allies from Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere have now captured 75% of East Aleppo and will soon unite all of Aleppo, which eastern part rebel shave held since 2012.

UN Special negotiator Stefanos thinks it will happen by Christmas and so does Syrian Air Force intelligence officers at the Jibnine Reception Center near Nair ab Palestinian camp ten miles north of Aleppo.

Obviously no one knows for sure but here in Aleppo journalists, officials and regular citizens while expressing uncertainly about the timing are generally inclined to believe Aleppo will be geographically united under government control soon.

The Syrian crisis is not going to be over soon and rebels, including those whore treat from East Aleppo to Id lib or elsewhere are reportedly already launching insurgent strikes on soft and hard targets that may well continue for generation or more.

According to local sources here in Aleppo, the Shia Foreign Legion is composed of the remnants of the Syrian army’s First and Second Corps, which were battered during the five years of conflict, Also merging with the Shia Foreign Legion is Hezbollah’s expeditionary force in Syria and Shiite militias which Tehran imported to Syria starting in 2012 from Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Bahrain, Pakistan and elsewhere to fight for Bashar Assad’s government.

The Shia Foreign Legion reportedly seeks to field as many as 50,000 over the next six months added to the approximately 70,000 Shia forces Iran has recruited and financed who are currently fighting in Syria, thousands of them in Aleppo.

Russian officers in Aleppo have denied rumors that Russia may contribute forces to the new Shiite Legion.

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