Syrian Military Fends off Heaviest Assault of ISIL, Kills 55 Militants close to T4 Airbase

VIDEO: Syrian Army Troops Repel ISIS Militants’ Offensive near Deir Ezzor Airbase

TEHRANSyrian Army troops repelled a very tough attack of the ISIL on T4 airbase since the recapture of the city of Palmyra by the terrorists, inflicting major losses on them.

Hundreds of ISIL terrorists carried out a large-scale offensive on T4 airbasefrom the Eastern and Southeastern directions of the airbase with a largenumber of suicide vehicles and tanks.

A field source said that over 55 ISIL terrorists were killed and five vehicles andthree tanks were destroyed in the failed attack.

On Sunday, the ISIL terroristsoffensives to prevail over government forcespositions in T4 airbase in Eastern Homs were repulsed by Syrian Army troops and National Defense Forces.


The ISIL carried out the first attack with several suicide vehicles to break through government forcespositions Southwest of T4 airbase but the army and popular forces fended off their assault, killing at least 20 militants and destroying their suicide vehicles.

The ISIL carried out another attack using suicide tanks from the Southern flankof T4 airbase, but the army men destroyed their tanks, killing over 15 terrorists.

Army reports said Syrian and Russian fighter jets played a crucial role inrepelling ISIL’s attacks.

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