Trump’s battle on residents through Twitter


About a year ago, 18-year-old college student Lauren Batch elder stood up at apolitical forum in New Hampshire and told Donald Trump that she didn’t think he wasa friend to women.” The next morning, Trump fired back on Twitter calling Batch elder anArrogant young womanand accusing her of being aPlantfrom a rival campaign.

With one tweet last week, Trump inflamed a conflict with China.

With another tweet on Tuesday, Trump caused Boeing stock to plummet.

On Oct. 12, 2015, Batch elder attended a bipartisan forum in Manchester and said to Trump: “So, maybe I’m wrong, maybe you can prove me wrong, but don’t think you’re a friend to women.” Trump defended himself, saying he gave women positions of power at his construction sites, has influential women in his life and will fund women’s health initiatives.

Trump’s director of social media tweeted out screen grabs of Batch elder’s social-media accounts.

At 7:39 a.m., Trump tweeted: “The arrogant young woman who questioned me in such a nasty fashion at No Labels yesterday was a Jeb staffer! HOW CAN HEB EAT RUSSIA & CHINA?” Later that morning, Trump tweeted again: “How can Jeb Bush expect to deal with China, Russia Iran if he gets caught doing aplantduring my speech yesterday in NH?” Tim Miller, Bush’s former spokesman, said the campaign had nothing to do with Batch elder’s asking the question.

Trump’s Twitter account says it was created in March 2009, but Trump really started to use the account as a key communication tool in 2012 when he seriously considered running for president, said long time friend Roger Stone.

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