Twin bomb assaults target PDK-Iran headquarters close to Erbil

Now, we cannot blame any side for the attacks on the PDK headquarters,” Kamal Kareemi, a member of the PDK political bureau, told Kurdistan 24.

According to the PDK announcement on Wednesday, six people were killed and four more injured.

The victims were members of the PDK political bureau Ali Qoitasi and Wahab MirKhzri, PDK Peshmerga fighters Salar Baqri and Arsalan Abbas Niya, a member of the PDK Democratic Youth Union Nasir Kareemi, and a security member of the Kurdistan Region Adnan Abdullah.

The PDK condemned theTerroristattack and sent condolences to the families of the victims as well as wishing a speedy recovery for the wounded.

During a press conference, the Secretary-General of the PDK Khalid Aziziaccused Iran of being behind the twin explosions.

The following footage shows the site of the explosions in front of the PDKheadquarters in Koya: The Iranian Kurdish PDK previously separated from theKurdistan Democratic Party-Iran in 2006.

The PDK is a Kurdish political party in Iranian Kurdistan that seeks to achieve Kurdish national rights within a democratic and federal republic of Iran.

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