US Supporting Ahmad Al-Jarba’s Militants to Assault Deir Ezzur


The sources noted that supporting the forces loyal to al-Jarba is prelude to military operations conducted under the US command in the region toward Badiya Abu Khashab which is one of the most important oil-rich regions in Northwestern Aleppo.

The sources noted that last April al-Qad movement took control of al-Maleheh, al-Zaro and Maleheh al-Zaro regions in the South western part of Hasaka from the pre-dominantly Syrian Democratic Forces without any resistance.

In early November, informed sources disclosed that the US forces had intensified efforts to build a new military base in a region controlled by the Kurdish-led Democratic Union Party in Western Hasaka.

The US forces have started to rapidly equip a military base in Jabal Abdul Azizin the region under the control of the Democratic Union Party, an ally of Washington in Northern Syria,” the sources said.

Sham Time quoted Zaman al-Wasl as saying that the Kurdish forces with the cooperation of the US soldiers have cut hundreds of trees in the village of Maqloujeh near Jabal Abdul Aziz 30 kilometers to the West of Hasaka in order to build a landing platform for US army and US-led coalition forceshelicopters.

A group of US soldiers went to the village in military vehicles every day. But, they started to equip the base under the tight security measures of the Kurdish forces in Maqloujeh in recent days. The US forces have separated the base from the village by trenches and soil walls. They have tuned the base and its surrounding areas up to the Sakriyeh ancient citadel into a military zone,” they added.

The US has deployed tens of its marines in Mabrouka village in the Western parts of Hasaka province under the pretext of demining Ra’s al-Ain city which is now under the control of Kurdish forces,” sources told FNA. According to the Kurdish sources, the US forces set up their base in one of the buildings of Syria’s power department in Mabrouka named Housh al-Kahroba.

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